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Build authority. Grow your influence.
Scale faster.

With strategic PR campaigns and insightful, action-driven content to engage your audience on your website and marketing channels. 

Why work with us?

We create content, PR, and social media strategies that carefully consider each facet of your business - from target industries to individual customers, and eco-credentials to business goals.

Getting to know your business is essential to our work. We’re sticklers for exploring the fine detail – doubling down on your expertise, what makes your customers tick, how your business began and the journey to get where you are today, as well as where you hope to go in the future – so we can help you make it happen.

We’re here to become your new content and PR team, support your existing marketing team or advise you on which direction to take your PR and communications – as trusted consultants.

Who we've worked with

Our work

Success for us is the work that gets you closer to your business goals. The stuff that sets you apart, helps your customers get to know you, your values, and the results that have a direct impact on the growth of your business. It doesn’t come in the form of vanity metrics - which might look impressive from the outside looking in - but don’t move the needle.

"The results from their hard work were 'amazing' to say the least. Every now and then you come across a company in business who can help to transform your goals and wishes - LIT Communication and their team have done this and beyond."

News alert

Recently, our clients have been published in the Metro, The Times, The Telegraph, and Refinery 29 (ft. lots of juicy links).

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