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We’re ambitious, creative, and passionate about making you visible online. With experience working in freelance, agency and in-house content, communications, PR and marketing roles – we’ve seen it all (the good and bad) and we know what works.

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The LIT journey

In 2018, our director Sophie launched LIT as a freelance content and PR specialist, initially working with local businesses in Yorkshire to support their marketing efforts.

As demand for our expertise grew, we adapted by refining our services, making our processes more efficient, and finding new ways to be creative. 

In recent years, we’ve worked with a cool bunch of businesses - some as far-flung as Hawaii. We’re a remote-first, 4-day week agency and love working with like-minded companies.

We now work alongside a group of trusted freelancers – all experts in their field – to deliver copywriting projects, comms consultancy, PR services, and social media management and strategy.

Meet Sophie

Sophie is a PR & communications consultant with a passion for public relations and the written word, a Journalism degree, and over ten years of experience in communicating and running campaigns for global brands, including Haymarket Media Group, Cox Automotive, and Volkswagen Group. Sophie’s spent time working in-house and agency side – learning the ropes on both sides and using that insight to shape our processes.

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Our work

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.”– Seth Godin

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