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Ten captivating copywriting examples that inspire action

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

A screenshot of Basecamp's website content
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Let’s begin with a personal favourite. If Basecamp’s website copy could be summarised in emoji form, it would be this 🤤. Can we just take a minute to revel in how they’ve adapted their content to relate to, well… just about every company in the world right now. I own a small business, but if I owned a big(ger) business, I’d already be clicking that black button saying “try it” at the top right. And that’s just after reading the first sentence.

If you’re a hard sell, you might make it to “tens of thousands of other companies rely on Basecamp every day” before you hit the coveted button. Let’s also give some praise to the words in bold. Basecamp made Basecamp, to run Basecamp. They built it to solve their problem – how all the best companies start.

Innocent Smoothies
A screenshot of Innocent's website content
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​Every great copywriter knows that whoever wrote the copy for Innocent, is also a great copywriter. Each sentence is friendly, informal, and snappy – perfect for a forward-thinking juice brand. As well as telling everyone they make a difference; they back it up with proof. Facts, figures, examples – you name it.

A screenshot of Uber's website content
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​Steeped in controversy for various reasons, Uber takes a beating from the media. But, we’re talking about content here, and theirs hits the spot. I’m not looking for a job, but I want to get in the driving seat and make some money after seeing this. These simple words inspire action. So much action that 3.9 million drivers have already signed up.

A screenshot of Mailchimp's website content
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​Simple, inspiring words that drive action. Mailchimp’s content is nothing short of enticing. They talk the talk when explaining how the tool can solve your problems. But, the real key to the success of their copy is communicating the value they offer customers.

A screenshot of Slack's website content
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Slack’s copy gives us all a lesson in appeasing customer pain points and relatability. Need to see conversation history to go back and check things? "Slack saves each conversation and lets you search through them". Need a way to communicate closely with clients? "Keep everyone in the loop on Slack".

Planks Clothing
A screenshot of Planks website content
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​I love this quote. Front and centre on the ‘Our Story’ page, it epitomises the Planks brand story and triggers all the feels. I don’t ski (mainly because I live in the UK), but if I did, I would relate to this. A lot. It’s not often that you see the Founder narrating the brand story, and in that case, it works like a dream.

A screenshot of Amika's website content
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I love Amika. And their tone of voice. There’s no complicated hair industry jargon here. Straight away, you know what they stand for - community, confidence, diversity, fun, inclusion and positivity. A solid example of words and design working seamlessly together.

A screenshot of Nuddy's website content
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​The conversational tone. The humour. I thoroughly enjoy everything about nuddy’s tone of voice and copywriting. “The dream,” says this product is something seen only in fantasies. It’s gonna solve two problems in one AND save you time. Goals.

A screenshot of Northern Bloc's website content
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This is how you do repetition. Northern Bloc’s website content is ice cool. There are two things you want to do after reading this snipper – taste the ice cream and be mates with Manolo. Leading with this personal element humanises the entire brand and sends your imagination wild. An ice cream lab in the north of England? Take me! Four generations of ice cream makers? It must be bloody good. Ice cream master? Yes, please.

A screenshot of Honest's website content
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With Honest as the company name, Jessica Alba’s brand does an excellent job translating that ethos throughout the website copy. With words like safety and transparency used from the off, Honest instantly positions itself as a conscious wellness company for families and lulls you into a sense of security. Their ‘we got your back’ approach is bang on the money here.

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